Faith is a journey

together with God and with neighbor.

Through intergenerational experiences and age and interest-specific groups, we seek to nurture wholeness in one another.

We gather to create a safe place for all to explore faith and grace, love and compassion.

We believe in equipping all ages with the ability to think critically and engage with the good news of Jesus the Christ.

We work together for equity and justice.

Children and Youth

We value children and youth as important participants in all aspects of the life of the congregation. They need to be seen and heard at all activities, including worship. Our focus is on developing intergenerational relationships. We believe loving relationships with adults allows children and youth to explore their own journey of faith.

LOGOS is the foundation of our ministry with children and youth.

In the original Greek, Logos is used for “Word,” and in Christian understanding, Christ is the Logos.

Sharing God’s love in intentional ways, we eat, play, pray and study together. This intergenerational program builds lasting Christian relationships among children, youth and adults. Through LOGOS, we live out our commitment to making ministry with children and youth a priority.

The most important rule of LOGOS is: Every person is a child of God, and I will treat them that way.

Recreation and Play

Through time spent in recreation and play, the children learn that at the heart of God’s love for us is fun and adventure. The activities vary based on the weekly theme and run the gamut from craft activities to physical activity or group games. As with the rest of their class times, the children are divided into age-specific groups.

Worship Skills

Our young people learn to worship with vocal and instrumental music, rhythmic movement, drama, and liturgical readings. And they act as teachers and students by helping lead worship with the entire congregation, sharing gifts and abilities. This invites us to see God’s deep love for all through the participation of all.

Bible Study

Elementary-grade children focus on one Bible topic for the school year. Middle school and high school classes cover a variety of topics — from racism and diversity to bullying and compassion, they discuss how faith influences their life choices. Regardless of age, the most important lesson is that they are loved by God and by each of us.

Family Time

When we share meals together we visualize the family of faith. Sitting together at tables of mixed-age children and two adults, relationships are strengthened as “family members” take turns listening and sharing about their day, serving each other, and participating in fun (and sometimes just plain silly) activities.

Small Groups

In order to develop more meaningful relationships with each other and our faith, we offer small group opportunities. Small groups are available for fun, learning, and for getting to know one another. Currently we have Senior Games, Book Club, Dinner Group, and gatherings for faith development. Small Groups are welcome to start whenever people discover a reason to come together. Feel free to talk with our pastor or church office about how to get involved.