We are not just a “church” founded in bricks and mortar. We are a faith community founded in the principles of God’s unbiased love and never-ending grace.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), founded in early 19th Century United States of America, arose from a desire to move beyond the rigid divisions of denominations.

When the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is at our best, we practice “Bold Humility.” We humbly recognize that no one person or organization can contain the entire truth of God. We seek unity and fellowship with Christians from diverse backgrounds and theological perspectives. And we celebrate the work of the Spirit of God known when people of all faith traditions journey together toward mutual wholeness. As a community, New Beginnings Christian Church practices a strong, benevolent faith, proclaiming and participating in Jesus’ good news of love and justice.

We “have no creed but Christ” and do not require members to ascribe to any set of propositions. For further information on the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) beliefs and practices, please visit Disciples.org.


At New Beginnings Christian Church, we wholeheartedly believe that faith isn’t limited to, or defined by, a physical church. Faith isn’t a building. What it is is a community. These became more than just words — and were put into practice — when we moved from our past location and name and began to transition to our current reality. Through renting, moving to a temporary location, holding conversations about open and inclusive design in our next physical space, and navigating what worship looks like amidst quarantine, the forefront of all of our decisions has been made through the consistency of our faith and our faith community.

We remain dedicated to our call to action, to work proactively towards radical acceptance and justice, regardless of where our physical presence is. Amongst our rebuilding, uprooting of our physical space, and social distancing during COVID-19, New Beginnings is dedicated to continuing to be a voice for justice, supporting leaders in the area, listening to those speaking, being thankful for growing through our missteps, and recognizing we are never done learning.

New Beginnings Christian Church

Our History

Such a long and beautiful history we had on the corner of 25th & University in Des Moines. From our beginnings with Drake University [which was founded as a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) university] in 1888 through reunifications and name changes, we shared God’s message of love and worked for God’s vision of equity and justice for all.

  • University Place Church of Christ & University Christian Church 1888-1970
  • New Christian Church 1970-1974
  • First Christian Church 1974-2020
  • New Beginnings Christian Church 2020+

Our faith and desire to serve others continues to guide our journey no matter our location.

A Building is not a church — we know this

At 25th and University we:

  • Housed the Seabees during World War 2, providing them a place from which to work and live.
  • Worked to end redlining and support fair housing and affordable housing in Des Moines; our members were “blackballed” by city organizations for doing so.
  • Housed our homeless neighbors before there was a shelter in Des Moines and worked for the founding of the Churches United Shelter, which later became the Central Iowa Shelter.
  • Became a Shalom Congregation and a Sanctuary Church.
  • Offered a place for the voices lifting up the rights of our marginalized siblings, persons including Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Dr. William Barber, Eleanor Roosevelt, Senator Barak Obama, Madame Lady Chaing Kai-Shek, Jesse Jackson, and Sister Helen Prejean.
  • Offered a neighborhood Farmers Market, for 17 years, that set the model for options such as EBT and senior food credits.
  • Went on mission trips to El Salvador, Nicaragua, and locations around the United States.
  • Started the Drake Community Center which eventually turned into a site for the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Provided spaces for ESL classes, AA/NA meetings, and other non-profit organizations.
  • Had uplifting music and hosted many choirs and other performers.