We believe that faith is not complete until it is lived out in our actions.

Our faith finds its deepest truth as we work together to bring healing to a hurting world.

Justice With Our Neighbors

Anti-racist & Pro-reconciling

Open & Affirming


Justice With Our Neighbors

Our history confirms a deeply rooted commitment to justice for all people. Through community relationships, we seek to listen and understand where we can best partner with others to help meet the needs of people in our community and beyond.

Across the diverse interests of people in our faith community, we actively work for justice through both advocacy initiatives and programs that support needs for daily living.

The prophets remind us that what is required of us is to act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with God, today. At New Beginnings, we take that message to heart.

Contact the church office to learn of upcoming opportunities for working with community partners; or check out our events page.

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We have a long history of work with:

  • Central Iowa Shelter and Services
  • AMOS – A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy
  • DMACC ESL classes
  • DMARC Food Pantry
  • CROSS Ministries
  • JFON – Justice For Our Neighbors
  • Week of Compassion

And we are forming new relationships with local Urbandale organizations like:

  • UCAN – Urbandale Community Action Network
  • Urbandale Food Pantry

Anti-racist & Pro-reconciling

Our denomination strives to be pro-reconciling and anti-racist by heeding God’s call to practice faithfulness to the work to eliminate racism, which, we confess, exists in all manifestations of the Church. We seek to listen to the once silenced voices of racial and ethnic communities, learn from their wisdom and gain insight from their leadership. In this way, through the power of God’s Spirit, we will become the Church, and God’s people transformed into wholeness – together.

At New Beginnings, we recognize this work is a daily spiritual practice, responding to God’s call to love as Jesus loved. We live out this commitment in several ways.

Contact the church office to learn of upcoming opportunities for study, reflection and action; or check out our events page.

We work to unpack and unlearn our biases and racist behaviors and systems through:

  • Book discussion groups
  • Sermon series
  • Dialogue series
  • Community conversations
  • Teaching our children the anti-racist values we learn from Jesus’ teaching

We work to support leadership in the Black community, organizers and activists through advocacy with:

  • Government leaders
  • Participation in community-organized events

Seeking to affect systemic change.

We hope to offer support and care for daily living through

  • Short-term community projects
  • Partnering with local organizations
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Open & Affirming

In 2013 we made official our commitment to be a church who actively seeks to welcome persons of all gender expressions and sexual orientations to the table of Christ’s communion and to be the full life and leadership of the church. We believe so strongly in the beloved-ness and inherent worth of all persons, that it is part of our identity statement – a prominent proclamation of how we strive to live.

We are welcoming of persons of diverse theological perspectives, faith journeys and abilities. Therefore, we are committed to inclusive language and a diversity of images in our naming of the Holy One. All persons are made in the image of God – and we want our language of the Divine and of humanity to support that.

Contact the church office to learn more of our call to offer God’s radical, inclusive love to one another.

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